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Clank-CoreXY: Minimum Clank

This is bigtime WIP zone, but I’m pushing CAD sooner-rather-than-later.

CAD Access

I’m also throwing this embedded CAD right here. You can fullscreen this (it’s actually pretty performant) and even explode the model, inspect the part tree, and open it in your own instance of Fusion 360.

You can also download the CAD in a few different formats:

Download Clank-CoreXY in .f3z Fusion 360

Download Clank-CoreXY in .step Interchange Format

Download Clank-CoreXY in .3dm Rhino

Clank-FXY on GitHub


I set up a few print plates, ~ 8 of them, check them out below; they’re sized for a Prusa 250x210mm bed.

Get Clank-CoreXY Printer Plates

I print each in PLA on generic FDM machines… check the printing notes in the parent build section.


This is a brief ~ WIP bill of materials. Hardware is all sourced from this kit in the CBA basement, or your own shop’s hardware kit, or via McMaster - or wherever you find your hardware.

SHCS: Socket Head Cap Screws
FHCS: Flat Head Cap Screws
BHCS: Button Head Cap Screws 

I will also note that many of the fasteners here “tap” straight into FDM printed holes… i.e. the fastener does some thread-forming on the way in. I’ve found this to work really well, but I almost always do it with a hex bit in a drill driver, i.e. not ever by hand.

the bed is simply a 420x400mm 3/4” thick plate of melamine (or whatever plate material of your choosing) - easily cut on a table saw, a shopbot, etc; thickness is also easy to change

Part Count Use Availability
625 5x25x5mm Bearing 37 Linear Rollers and Pulley Idlers Amazon ~ $1 / bearing
6806 30x42x7mm Bearing 2 Z-Drive Reducer and Toolchanger Acutator Amazon (and ubiquitous: these are also “BB30” bicycle bottom bracket bearings)
MGN9 Block and Rail 2 Z-Axis Guides Amazon
MGN9 Extra Block 2 Z-Axis Guides Amazon
GT2 Pulley, 16T 3    
GT2 Belt, Open ~ 2 Meters    
GT2 Belt, Closed, 200mm Circumference 1    
PP_SWTC_Optical-Endstop 3    
PP_FOOT_95495K812 4    
NEMA 17 Stepper Motors 3    
HFS5-2020-400-TPW Extrusion 2 Misumi (can be ordered cut-to-length)  
HFS5-4060-354 Extrusion 1 Misumi (can be ordered cut-to-length)  
Extrusion T-Nuts 6    
HW_M3-Washer 6    
HW_M3x8-SHCS 28    
HW_M3x10-FHCS 16    
HW_M5-Washer 23    
M5 BHCS      
HW_M5x10-BHCS 5    
M5 FHCS      
HW_M5x10-FHCS 17    
HW_M5x15-FHCS 12    
HW_M5x20-FHCS 3    
HW_M5x30-FHCS 17    
HW_M5x40-FHCS 14    
M5 SHCS      
HW_M5x14-SHCS 26    
HW_M5x25-SHCS 6    
Tool Use Availability
Drill Driver Thread Forming / Fastening  
Metric Allen Key Set Allen-Keying  
2.5mm Hex Bit Drives M3 SHCS  
3mm Hex Bit Drives M5 FHCS, BHCS  
4mm Hex Bit Drives M5 SHCS  

Build Videos