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Clank-FXY: Tall Aspect Manufacturing

This variant is aka’d the tallboi clank:

CAD Access

First thing you’ll want is to grab the most recent CAD files for the machine. The -fxy model is not BOM-complete: just about every piece of hardware is in the model, but repeated (and mirrored) elements are only modelled once; the Z Drives and Idlers, and the Z Guides.

I’m also throwing this embedded CAD right here. You can fullscreen this (it’s actually pretty performant) and even explode the model, inspect the part tree, and open it in your own instance of Fusion 360.

You can also download the CAD in a few different formats:

Download Clank-FXY in .f3z Fusion 360

Download Clank-FXY in .step Interchange Format

Clank-FXY on GitHub


The BOM for this machine is very nearly complete, but (like the CAD) missing elements from mirrored assembles: i.e. the Z Drive machinery is counted once, where it should be counted 4x. Z Guides should be counted twice, but are counted once, etc. A quick look at the CAD makes this all pretty straightforward.

Open the BOM in a new page