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Building the Hotplate

The hotplate CAD is included in both variants’ CAD assemblies, as is its BOM, but I’m including a page here w/ just the toolchanger, in case anyone wants to integrate this on their motion platform.

CAD Access

I’m throwing this embedded CAD right here. You can fullscreen this (it’s actually pretty performant) and even explode the model, inspect the part tree, and open it in your own instance of Fusion 360.

You can also download the CAD in a few different formats, right here. There’s a template tool included in this assembly, using that as a stub is the best way to get started making a new tool.

Download Hotplate-Toolchanger in .f3z Fusion 360

Download Hotplate-Toolchanger in .step Interchange Format


There’s two circuits in the CAD above, a ‘blade-plate-head’ and ‘blade-plate-drop’ - attached to the machine and tool respectively. Those are designed in Eagle ECAD and available in the github repository below, along with the CAD and some firmware.

Hotplate Toolchanger on GitHub

The circuits are all hooked up to my modular controllers that I’ve not released yet, so probably don’t worry about these yet. Or pilfer the design for your own situation, so long as you adhere to the license.


The hotplate toolchanger has a tiny BOM, about $40 along with the printed parts. For print settings, reference these notes.

Open the Hotplate BOM in a new page