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Building the Hotplate

The hotplate CAD is included in both variants’ CAD assemblies, as is its BOM, but I’m including a page here w/ just the toolchanger, in case anyone wants to integrate this on their motion platform.

CAD Access

I’m throwing this embedded CAD right here. You can fullscreen this (it’s actually pretty performant) and even explode the model, inspect the part tree, and open it in your own instance of Fusion 360.

Standard Size: 100x200mm Tools

The Mini: 70x160mm Tools


The hotplate toolchanger has a tiny BOM, about $20 total, not including the printed parts (which only cost as much as the required plastic). For print settings, reference these notes. Both variants share the same BOM.

Part Count Use Availability
6806 30x42x7mm Bearing 1 Rotary Clamp Amazon (and ubiquitous: these are also “BB30” bicycle bottom bracket bearings)
HW_M5x10-SHCS 4 M5 Socket Head, 10mm  
HW_M5x10-BHCS 5 M5 Button Head, 10mm  
HW_M5x10-FHCS 10 M5 Flat Head, 10mm  
HW_M5x20-FHCS 2 M5 Flat Head, 20mm