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The Hotplate Toolchanger

The heart of this project is really the tool changer: it is also completely 3D Printed, and differs from other designs in its high-stiffness clamping mechanism. The design qualifies as a kinematic mount but uses a non-standard layout in order to automatically clamp and release tools.

See the Hotplate Build Guide for CAD and BOM

Like the rest of Clank, the hotplate can be made with a small list of off-the-shelf parts and FDM printed bits. It should cost about $40, depending on where you are in the world, and you’ll just need a set of allen keys to assemble it.

At the moment, tool changes are manual; future work can automate this step.

We are developing pass-through electrical connectors, like this USB-C Pogo Plate.

Standard Size: 100x200mm Tools

The Mini: 70x140mm Tools


For a little video that might help make sense of the kinematic workings, see below:

Lots of similar work is going on in this regard in the open source, for example Joshua Vasquez and E3D. Prusa have also released a toolchanging machine. Most other projects target FDM printing exculsively, and each requires some machined parts: the hotplate is the only project I am aware of that accomplishes the same automated kinematic mount w/ only FDM printed parts.

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