Spindle Tool

Key components are listed here, component part numbers are also tagged in CAD part names.

Part Name (CAD) Count Use / Description Availability
608-ZZ Bearing 2 Spindle Bearings McMaster
C8-ER11-100L Collet Holder 1 The main component, this holds an ER11 collet (which holds the endmill…) Amazon
775 DC Motor 1 A simple DC motor to drive the spindle Amazon
8mm Belleville 2 Used to pre-load the bearing stack McMaster PN 96475K331
Alternate (Superior!) Shaft Coupling 1   Amazon
5mm Shaft Coupling Half 1   McMaster PN 9845T105
8mm Shaft Coupling Half 1   McMaster PN 9845T108
Shaft Coupling Spider 1   McMaster PN 9845T108